Execution and collateralisation procedures

A client considers a business deal has been concluded only when the consideration has been paid (in case of a monetary claim) or when the debtor has delivered something to them or acted in a specific way (in case of a non-monetary claim).

Quite frequently the other party refuses to voluntarily settle their obligation, despite the creditor’s clear-cut entitlement to payment or non-monetary consideration, which is where we step in and provide the client with effective support in the process of enforcing their right.

In the event the client does not yet hold a title of execution, an authentic document or some other document that would serve as the basis for execution against the debtor, we check the possibility of filing for a temporary or preliminary injunction and, if the chances are good, we prepare the documentation and file it so as to protect the client in the period before they acquire the title of execution, which also improves the chances of success in execution proceedings.